Laura Neary Smith and Pianist Signe Lusk
perform an all-German Recital

Learn to SING with your full voice.
Crooning is great, but truly SINGING is an incredible experience.

Learn to SPEAK with a voice that carries to the back of the hall.

Learn to BREATHE in a deep, full, supportive manner.

  • Do you want to audition for a choir, musical theater production, rock/jazz/folk group, barbershop quartet?
  • Ever wonder if you could sing opera, art songs, or a big solo?
  • Need to find your way through that E/F/F# passage, past that high G, up to those even higher notes?
  • Are you a singer who would like to continue your classical training, perhaps study an operatic role?

We teach vocal production to committed individuals who want to learn to sing. Our hands-on, no-nonsense method avoids nebulous imagery, resulting in an efficient use of time and resources. You’ll learn and develop an effective technique with an emphasis on classical singing and musical theater which will allow you to perform in any genre.

Our lessons are fun and affordable. We charge $40.00 per lesson, and each lesson is about 1½ hours long. The first lesson is free. To learn more about our studio, please visit our About Us page or read our FAQ.

Opera Workshop

Our Opera Workshop is a unique opportunity we offer to our studio singers and other auditioned vocalists to perform arias, ensembles and scenes from the world of musical theater and opera.

What Our Students Have to Say

Before I started going to see Marc, I was very skeptical about voice teachers. I thought that your voice was just the way it was and no one could change that. I asked some friends who took voice lessons before, and if they thought it was possible for vocals to improve and they said yes, so then I came to Marc. ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS OF MY LIFE.

In the first month there was dramatic impact in the way that I sang. My range improved (I could hit higher and lower notes) and could sing songs with more power and fulfillment. In one and a half years I tried out for the school musical and got the lead part. I plan on doing the district solo contest in the spring, but without Marc's help, none of these things would have been possible. At least I wouldn't have the courage to do those things.

What I love about him is that he doesn't stay within the box like every other teacher in my life did. He challenged me to do things I had no idea I could have done. But most importantly he understands everything you're going through because singing has a lot of techniques that you're not sure if you're doing right and he knows almost every solution. I think the quote that would best describe Marc is, "Some say there is method to his madness, although some say madness is his method". Oh and I forgot to say Marc sings heavenly, and you get goosebumps every time you sing with him. Thank you to Marc and everyone who is supporting him, and may you, the reader, find your true inner voice.

~ Dima P. August 20, 2015